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Having a mobile app can add significant value to your business.


 Why would you consider developing an app?

At Oceanwave Solutions we are experts in app development. We can create native apps and web apps whichever is more beneficial to your business. The advantages of developing an app for your business or service include:

Deliver target content and messages

Deliver in app notifications and updates to your customers or users. Use the potential of the mobile device, for example WiFi, data and location. Benefit from the fact that mobile users always carry their phones with them.

Strengthen your brand

A mobile app can add strength to your brand, create greater recognition and build trust. The more your audience trusts you, the more they are willing to engage and do business with you. Loyalty schemes can be developed if required, apps offer the opportunity to create regular promotions and increase engagement with your target audience. For example, you could introduce a digital loyalty card for your business enabling sharing of information through social media.

Connect with customers

Research shows that most browsing is now done through mobile devices. Apps provide consistency in service, are automated and available 24 hours a day, thus giving you insights to your end user’s activities, enabling you to align with your customer’s demands and expectations. Apps provide familiarity of your brand to the end user – familiarity increases brand awareness and brand awareness creates trust.

Boost profits

Using an app to sell your product makes life easier for the end user and encourages purchases by simplifying and automating the sales process. Even for Bricks and Mortar stores apps can generate more sales by using using API Tools such as GEO location technology, which enable notifications to be sent to passing trade creating awareness of promotions and driving customers through your door.                                                         

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Apps can be used in all industries from manufacturing to healthcare and can be systematically linked to existing mainframe systems. It enables the capturing of live data remotely, reduces the need for terminals and hard-copy file systems, increases collaboration across teams and enables quicker responses from the right people.

Instant access on the go

Customers can access your product or service through any compatible mobile device with instant access to their account, with the ability create a wish list or add items into their shopping cart enabling them to continue with their purchase at any time convenient to them, taking advantage of secure mobile payments.

Does my business need an app?

Apps aren’t necessarily a fit for every business but they do certainly have their value. Developing an app for your business or idea is a lot less expensive and more accessible now than it was 5 years ago. If you have an idea or are considering an app for your business we would love to hear from you.