What Makes a Good UX?


You may have heard of the term UX but what does it actually mean?

UX is the abbreviation term given to User Experience which is synonymous to technology and design and encapsulates the following aspects:

1. Navigation: Your site should be easy to navigate, let’s face it we all want to be able to find what we’re looking for so a clear intuitive layout that guides the user across your site will give a better experience.

2. Images and Media: Having rich images and media on your site will make your website more engaging, more visually appealing and will also break up the content.

3. Content: Your site should have engaging content that’s relevant and useful for the visitor of your site.

4. Speed: Your pages should load fast enough so that your visitors don’t abandon your site before the pages load. Statistics show that an approximately 80% of visitors will abandon your website if your pages take more than 6 seconds to load.

5. Responsiveness: We are a generation who do a lot of things on the go, the same can be said for web browsing. Approximately 80% of web browsing is carried out on mobile devices so your website needs to respond correctly across all types of devices ie; mobile, tablet and desktop.


6. User Interface (UI): Your website should be visually engaging with a continuous theme and careful choice of colours throughout. It should also have clear call to actions and links to guide the visitor through the site so they can achieve their goals and be presented in a way that gives familiarity.

7. Design: The use of colours and branding should remain consistent throughout and the site should look visually stunning, with good choice and use of media and images, remember first impressions last so your landing pages should be engaging.

8. Functionality: Your website should work across all devices and also all browsers ie; Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, just to name a few.

9. Interaction: Being able to interact is a great way to create engagement with your audience. Your website should have the relevant social media links, contact form and newsletter signup so that you can stay connected and inform your audience of news and updates.

10. Trust: Your website should present accurate, honest information as you want to build a relationship with your audience. Remember ‘Relationships are Built on Trust’.

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These are just our top 10 tips based on our experience. By following our checklist and provided your visitor can achieve their objective on your website they should have a good User Experience.

Of course your website will need good SEO and excellent use of keywords in order for visitors to find your website, but that’s for another day.

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