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Introducing Smart-Forms, for a smarter way of working

Smart-Forms remove the need for pen and paper and allow you to work remotely using your mobile device, even in areas where there is little or no network coverage

Unlike paper forms, Smart-Forms allow you to complete reports, audits, checklists, logs, inventory reports and many other documents in real time using a mobile phone or tablet device. Some of the advantages of using Smart-Forms are:

Collaboration: It facilitates real time remote collaboration on the go and can reduce your time spent in the office which is great especially if your work involves involves being on the road.

Environmentally Friendly: It eliminate the need for paper – many offices are trying to implement paperless systems so this is the perfect solution.

Efficient: It remove the duplication of steps to provide greater efficiency for capturing and recording information. 

Smart-Forms are intuitive, bespoke and can be branded for your organisation. You can then choose to store your data remotely or locally on your device. 

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