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Website Design

A complete range of website design solutions for your business

Having a company website gives you a global presence. It allows you to expand into new areas, create brand awareness, reach new customers and effectively grow your business.

We offer a full range of website design and development solutions in order to create a digital presence for your business. We offer website hosting, website migration and website management services with full backup and support.

We offer full bespoke website services and can develop your website from the ground up and are specialists when it comes to:

  • Brochure websites to showcase your business or organisation
  • E-Commerce websites to get your online store up and running
  • Booking Websites for appointments and reservations

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Is a must to help your website’s search ranking

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) the process of attracting more traffic to your website from a search engine search. When your website is submitted to a search engine it is ranked, good SEO will help your website rank higher.

Each website we create is Search Engine Optimised to ensure that your site can be found easily on search engines such as Google. Good SEO coupled with effective digital marketing practices will help promote your site’s organic search engine ranking. We provide the best technical set-up for your website, optimise content for specific search engine keywords and we promise good website speed and responsiveness. We also record and analyse web analytics and web traffic using Google Analytics. Our Digital Marketer is Google Analytics certified.

The ultimate aim of good website design and search engine optimisation is to attract users and visitors to your website in order to promote your business and products. This is considered as digital marketing best practices in order to gain and retain customers.

Website Design

Website design not only includes the look and feel of the website but also the sentiment you wish to translate to your visitor while incorporating modern web design, technology, user experience (UX) and mobile responsiveness. Whether you require a new website build or a new website redesign, we value your input every step of the way. .

The Website Design Process:

We start off the by having a conversation with our client to understand the goals and objectives. We then move onto the planning phase where we can map out the timelines and requirements.

Next we carry out research which includes research of your industry, competitors, trends, unique selling point (USP), legal requirements/obligations, who your audience are and what they are looking for.

The next phase looks the design elements such branding, logos, colours, user experience (UX), the sentiment and goals of the website. We then create the information architecture and sitemap. At this stage we would include wire-frames and mock-ups of website home page and internal pages.

Then we move on to content, tweaking and editing existing or creating new content always keeping SEO in mind when creating content.

We then implement front and back-end development, code and build the website. We build the website using content, images and calls to action. We test and backup the website, we carry out a handover and to submit the website to search engines.

website design process

We design mobile responsive websites for your business needs, we implement user scenarios, user experience (UX), clean user interface (UI), creative technology, web page planning/wire-frames, user interaction and follow through of website goals.

Website Management and Maintenance

We provide website maintenance which includes website migration, website backups, software and database updates to ensure that your website is actively working for you.  We conduct usability tests and are available for email and phone support.

website management

We also provide website management including content edits and updates and can manage your file repositories and images. We take care of your website so you don’t have too.